Xander Guide – League of Legends Mastery Guide Review

Xander Guide is the First and only League of Legends Mastery Guide. Choose the perfect builds. Know your role. Uncover the secrets to winning team fights with least casualties. Lastly learn to counter everything that you already know! Everybody knows the techniques of Jungling, Warding and Ganking. Learn how to counter attack and gain a competitive edge over your opponents.

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Presenting an new all in one Mastery Guide to help you dominate League of Legends! Learn the basic strategies, summoner spells, laning and rune system. Ensure that you start right so the end game result is always in your favor.

Tired of being called a “feeder” all the time? Uncover the early game secrets of laning, ganking and jungling to protect yourself from surprises.

It won’t be long before you realize that knowing basics is just not enough. This is where you would want to bring in some advanced strategies such as Jungling and Warding. Not only these but majority of the times your success will depend on how well your team coordinates with each other.

Purchasing a guide for a game can be a difficult decision, not knowing anything about the guide and whether it will be really helpful to you. This is why you get a risk free chance to try the guide and see if it is for you.

Official website: http://xanderguide.com.

On the market since: 2011-06-23

Xander Guide – League of Legends Mastery Guide Review

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