Clubbell Yoga: Action Potential

Clubbell Yoga: Action Potential is a proven method to become stronger, leaner, and dynamically flexible with Clubbell Yoga.

Easy to follow yoga, strength and flow program for all levels. Designed & programmed for athletes, yogis and everyone in between. Modifications always offered.

Signature method of awaken, condition and practice to restore flow, reduce pain and transform movement.

Clubbell Yoga: Action Potential is extremely easy to access, simply get your clubbell and your mat & press play. Can be done outside or inside.

It will completely transform your yoga practice, whether a yogi or an athlete in countless ways.

Primal 12 is designed to for the user to watch the exercises for technique and then do the workout with a journal, monitoring their own intensity. In contrast, Clubbell Yoga: Action Potential is completely follow along and great for all levels. It is challenging enough for the experienced, but accessible for the new practioner. Visual learners will love this program, because they can practice along with me.

How do I get started?

Get a yoga mat, a Clubbell and a journal. Start committing to practicing a few times a week. Get connected to our Clubbell Yoga: Action Potential private facebook page for support…. Read more…

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