Oddsmaker Daily

As you can see when we have a profitable month we up the stakes £1 per bet.

If we have a losing month we stick at the current rate for the following month and if we did have 2 back to back losing months we would lower the stake £1 per bet for the 3rd month.

A lot of members have asked me, well what if I bet to level stakes? Take last year, 11 profitable months from 12.

My name is Danny Collins and my friends call me “The Oddsmaker” I review the daily betting and I make my selections.

No value = no selection! I’m not putting down £10 on that horse to win, to get what? £12 – £20 back! I want a win to be just that, A WIN! So I place my bets and at the end of each month I walk away with a profit in my pocket.

There are only 100 spaces available in my Oddsmaker Daily Service so pick your preferred payment method below and make sure you are one of the 100 to get a spot! The service will run from 1st March to the end of February 2017 giving you a full 12 month access… Pay just £19.95 per month, start with £20.00 and see your bank increase month on month until you have over £1,000 guaranteed.

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