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Counsellor In A Box

Until I found Dr. Robby and his material here in Counsellor In A Box.

All because of what Dr. Robby teaches in Counsellor In A Box™.

He took all the knowledge and experience and compiled it intoCounsellor In The Box™ to make it both affordable and easy for people to help themselves resolve their relationship chaos and pain.

By applying the power and magic of the exercises taught in Counsellor In A Box™.

If you find that you cannot understand yourself, or you cannot understand your partner, this is the system to use! Within the first 30 minutes of our “Counsellor in a Box™” assessment system, you can find out easily WHY you and your partner have been having years of strife, struggle and strain, and most importantly, what you can do to “Make love work” again.

These are dealt with in the “Counsellor in a Box™” system.

Truth is, why pay a counselor hundreds or thousands of dollars when for less than the cost of a few sessions you can have your own counselor in a box and you can do it yourself and fix your own relationship with out all the hassle, cost, embarrassment and inconvenience of going to some professional who has as much problems as you do and just sits there saying “How does that feel when x does y?”. Fact is, this system is so fast and effective that it clears stuff up and even though the individuals and couples who consult Dr Rob should stay on longer and learn even more communication strategies, conflict resolution or deal with any childhood wounds or other baggage or issues, they kick out sooner than expected when they see the results they want.

If you asked a top relationship counsellor, like myself, to sit in the office with you for a few sessions, you’d be charged in the neighborhood of $500 – $2000, not including the travel expenses and the time and energy you have to spend to see us at our office.

What’s more, if you have mastered the life skills and tools we are going to teach you in this system, you won’t be needing us anymore, and you will have at your disposal all the strategies, tools and skills you need to help yourself and others, anytime, anywhere you want it!

I was able to determine what to do with my failing marriage and move forward confidently for the best of my children and mywife using the tools and concepts in Counsellor In A Box™… Read more…

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When Women Cheat

Learn the real reason why more and more women are cheating on their husbands and boyfriends and why the situation is only getting worse!

The bestselling book “When Women Cheat” tells all about this new phenomenon affecting millions of women worldwide and how it is ultimately affecting you!

If you are struggling to come to terms with modern Infidelity Issues then this book is exactly what you need….

Ø Learn from shocking first hand accounts of women’s cheating, how and why they do it.

Ø Learn from scientific evidence and expert insights about alarming global infidelity statistics for women and the effect it is having on men, women themselves and children.

Ø Find out the signs of a cheating spouse, what you can do to protect yourself, stop the cheating and have the love, respect and healthy sex life you’ve always wanted.

As you read every word of this report you will become stunned at the things you take for granted everyday… Read more…

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Healing from an Affair

If you’re experiencing the pain of infidelity you’re probably a little bit skeptical of those claims as you may feel that the hurt, painful images and anger you are now experiencing will never fade away.

Healing From an Affair is an essential guide to helping the hurt spouse move forward after an infidelity. Useful hands-on tools for the cheater to help heal both himself and his spouse, tips on restarting the trust flames and how to handle set-backs are all included by Linda & Doug – ‘survivors’ of an affair.

We’re here to tell you that they can and it’s very possible that you can recover and heal from infidelity, but…
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