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Play Piano By Ear Super Course

I developed my entire course for students who have struggled with traditional piano instruction. My course was designed to bypass the formal methods taught in conventional lessons which are extremely complex and time consuming.

With my Play Piano By Ear Super Course, you’ll be learning songs from day one. You’ll start off learning basic melodies and simple, 2-chord songs, allowing your ear to hear a simple chord change.

As your ear grows, the next group of lessons will focus on adding one extra chord, forcing your ear to stretch just a little further without putting too much stress on it.

The ear needs to grow gradually in the very beginning, and moving from
2-chord songs to 3-chord songs is just the next logical step in your training process.
As your ear and confidence grows even more, you’ll progress to 4-chord songs, and then multiple-chord songs with 5 or more chords. Learning to play piano by ear will give you the freedom that every piano player dreams about. Read more…

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