The Basic Bearded Dragon Manual

All the basics you need for proper pet Bearded dragon care is in the Beginners guide to a happy, healthy pet Bearded dragon – The Basic Bearded Dragon Manual.

The newest edition of The Basic Bearded Dragon Manual is not only the combined result of my own experience with these wonderful lizards, but as mentioned earlier, also from years of feedback from my current Bearded dragon and Basic Bearded Dragon Manual clients.

This piece of literature also contains and compare information and opinions from various sources incl. officially published and non-published literature. I had the great task of taking this vast amount of information and make it informative and up-to-the-point for the new or basic pet Bearded dragon keeper.

The Basic Bearded Dragon Manual covers all the aspects needed to keep a healthy pet Bearded dragon. The great aim of this book is to make the reader understand these wonderful reptiles in their natural environments and to incorporate that information into a practical home made environment.

Some of the topics covered include Bearded dragon care, vivarium size, Bearded dragon substrates, heating, lighting, photoperiod, vivarium decoration, hiding, Bearded dragon food and feeding, supplementation, management and routine procedures.

Important aspects such as buying a Bearded dragon, price, adaptation, handling, transport, behaviour, health, sanitation and hygiene are also discussed in some detail. Read more…

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