The No B.S. Street-fighting & Self Defense Guide

"Learn How to Fight Quickly and Easily with the Brutal, No B.S. Street-fighting Tactics of an Ex-biker and Street Fighter that will Smash and Humiliate any Low-life Scumbag that Dares to Threaten Your Life!”

When you combine that mind-set with the brutally efficient techniques and tactics revealed in “The No B.S. Street-fighting & Self Defense Guide” you’ll have at your finger -tips the keys to unleash ferocious, bone-shattering attacks and vicious, sadistic counters drawn from the knowledge developed by warriors and killers whose methods determined whether they lived or died.

Warning! If you’re a believer in turn the other cheek or have a problem with seriously crippling street scum that want to rob, rape or kill you, then this is not for you, however, if you want to give them what they deserve read on!!

If you’ve ever feared for your life walking down the street and want to know how you… Read more…

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