The Roulette Code

Ever since the invention of roulette, people have attempted to decipher the ‘roulette secrets’ and many scientists, mathematicians, statisticians, and even nuclear physicists, have attempted to create THE roulette strategy that beat the house, but sadly, all have had limited success. The Roulette Code is a powerful Roulette & Baccarat Strategiy eBooks for professionals.

The Roulette Code’s intent is to show you powerful roulette strategies that offer ways of tracking results to identify trends which you can leverage on.

Top quality ebooks in 3d page-flip format, these roulette strategy ebooks are the complete collection written by Dr. Young K. Lim which formed part of his live one-on-one workshops which he no longer conducts.

‘Roulette Secrets Unveiled’ is based primarily on materials used during those workshops, but with the addition of the latest ‘Dynamic-D’ strategy. Anyone thinking of playing roulette in any capacity should read this, and it is definitely a MUST READ for anyone contemplating a professional career playing roulette.

‘Roulette Anti-X’ is about flat-betting for those who do not like to play progressions. It is always wise to equip oneself with more than one strategy or approach to the game and ‘Roulette Anti-X’ is a unique and powerful roulette strategy well worth having under one’s belt.

Roulette Reverse Dynamic-D is the ultimate roulette strategy and is the latest publication. However, it is not going to be offered to the general public. It is only available as a limited release…
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