100 Percent Winners Software

100Percent Winners software is an Arbitrage program and it is specifically designed to give you the upper edge while betting on your favorite sport. It scans different bookmakers and finds opportunities for you to bet safely on various arbitrages that are available at that point in time 100PercentWinners finds and calculates arbs at different bookmakers much better and faster than you would, manually.

A bettor may spend a lot of time using manual detection of arbs at bookmakers. Just think, you have to search a multitude of lines, calculate all possible arbs by means of special mathematical formulas, calculate the sum of odds and profit of every bookmaker. Besides, a bettor does not always have time to place stakes on the arbs he’s found because the betting rates are constantly changing.

All these are functions our program does instead of a bettor. You just have to look through the figures on your screen, choose the arbs, the amount of the stake and BET by clicking the button. And even if you are not registered on bookmaker’s sites, our software has this function.

The software gives an opportunity to make a guaranteed profit from selected sporting events without ever risking a penny with sports arbitrage. Since arbs represent guaranteed profits, you are not really gambling at all… and that’s why it is called Sports investing.

It is not a scam. Using a technique commonly known as “arbing” or “surebetting”, it is possible to use the differences in odds provided by various bookmakers on selected events to make yourself a guaranteed Risk Free Profit.

When 100Percentwinners connects to server, this is where it will automatically find new bets. It scans all 6 of the integrated bookmakers site’s to identify errors in the odds to determine new Arb selections. It gives you the profitability for each bet so it will be easy for you to decide the selections you want to earn on… Read more…