Bar Brothers: The System

Bar Brothers system

Bar Brothers bannerWhen I first started bodyweight training there were two individuals that inspired me tremendously. Their names are Lazar and Dusan. They are the founders of Bar Brothers: The System, 12 Week Workout Plan.

One of the reasons I have followed them so closely is because both of them have achieved amazing results in a short period of time using calisthenics!

Bar Brothers – The System. The Worldwide Bar Brothers Movement!

See the pictures below…

And yes… they have helped women achieve amazing bodies using calisthenics too!

Can you say Wowsers!

Bar Brothers: The System New Video

In order to get results like this using calisthenics, you have to follow a specific plan that is proven…


They just released a new video that lays out their new proven 12 Week Bar Brothers Workout Plan.

I just watched the video and downloaded a copy of the plan myself…

I KNEW you’d be interested in this new Calisthenics workout system so I had to share it with you… 🙂

If you have been trying to build muscle and get ripped using calisthenics, its time to get serious about your training. Watch the video to the end and you’ll see a special message from the Bar Brothers that will help you get a rock-hard body using only a bar.

I’m off to crank out some pull ups.

P.S. I forgot to mention that the video shares how Dusan got started. He has an incredible physique now but started off scrawny. This touched me because I started off weak and skinny too.

I know you are into bodyweight training and its time to stop spinning your wheels. Calisthenics IS one of the most effective ways of building a superior physique… IF you know how. 🙂 Read more…