21 Day Alpha Shooter Review

Become one of the top 1% of shooters by taking part in the 21 Day Alpha Shooter Training Course. Even if you had an unlimited budget for ammo… and unlimited time at a range, you still would not match this secret’s power for shooting fast, tight, accurate groups.

Doing this system of exact drills, in the correct order will allow you to create:

  • Powerful neural pathways that gives you muscle memory quickly and puts your fundamentals on autopilot
  • While you simultaneously hardwire perfect form into your subconscious mind faster, (and cheaper), than what is humanly possible with just live fire or traditional dry fire alone.

All you have to do is watch the video practice your drill for 10-15 minutes, but never more than 15 minutes. (You’ll learn why).

21 Day Alpha Shooter combines the most effective parts of martial arts training–tested and refined by combat for more than 2,500 years, with cutting edge neuroscience and more than a dozen scientifically validated accelerated learning techniques.

You’ll learn gun handling skills as fast as is humanly possible and in a way that you’ll be able to perform at a high level in a life and death situation.

Most shooters, regardless of skill level, will shoot 2x faster and 2x more accurately within 3 weeks…sometimes way shorter than 3 weeks.

As you’re going through the training, you’ll discover:

  • The one skill you can learn that will keep your sight picture as still as possible before, during and after the trigger releases.
  • The secret to rapid, accurate shooting that Tier One operatives rely on.
  • The best drill to help with anticipatory flinch. Master this one, and your accuracy will explode.
  • How to increase the speed of your sight alignment when moving from target to target.
  • The one skill to practice so that you can still shoot even if your dominant hand is crushed or injured.

You can learn to shoot like a top tier operator. Little-known secret turns you into a “Deadeye” in a matter of days and boosts your confidence at practice and in self-defense situations… Read more…