101 Toxic Food Ingredients

101-TOX-NEW-COVERDid you know that DANGEROUS ingredients can be found in a majority of the food items you purchase from a grocery store or any of your favorite restaurants?

The Truth About Food Ingredients 1 click Toxifact Tool is a powerful piece of software by C.F.T., C.S.N., & Best Selling Author Anthony Alayon (AKA “Toxic Ingredient Food Decoder”) that is designed to be used on any phone or device small enough that it can be taken with you to the grocery store.

It’s the world’s first & only toxic food label decoder that uncovers dangerous ingredients in your favorite health foods in just 10 seconds or less.

Plug any food ingredient into the powerful software, and it’ll tell you if that food item contains any hidden, toxic ingredients that you must avoid. It is that simple.

This new information can NOT be found anywhere else and it can be implemented RIGHT NOW. So the next time you go grocery shopping you can easily “eliminate” these TOXIC ingredients that are making us all sicker and destroying our health.

And the BEST part??? You can still continue to eat the same delicious foods and NOT have to follow some unrealistic or bland diet. Read more…