Increase Pitching Velocity – 3x Pitching Program

I have never legitimately seen a commercial or advertisement for one of these pitching devices that claim to increase pitching velocity where the pitcher promoting it said he used it to go from low velocity to high velocity especially in ONE OFF-SEAON!

It’s up to you: get the 3X Pitching Velocity Program, or start digging around and hope you figure it out in the next ten plus years like it took me.

You need the three part system that trains each component at the TOP level! The solution is found in a drill based throwing program to train the high velocity mechanics and also using an Olympic-style strength and conditioning program to develop the elite power of the high velocity pitcher.

The results should come in 1 off-seasonand now, YOU can have the 3X Pitching Velocity Program that I’ve had the good fortune to develop for a pitcher in need like you! WARNING: This is definitely not for everyone.

So please: DO NOT be worried by how much information is included in the 3X Pitching Velocity Program.

That’s how absolutely positive I am that The 3X Pitching Velocity Program will revolutionize the way you view pitching and pitching velocity as well as reinvent your fastball in record time.

Complete Beginner’s Guide to 3X Pitching – 47 Pages of information to prepare the youth or beginner pitcher for the revolutionary approach to pitching velocity called 3X Pitching.

Here is what is included in the 3x Pitching Program:

  • How to Get Started on the Right Foot
  • The 3X Learning Curve* Video Analysis
  • Beginner Strength Development
  • 3X Pitching Basics
  • 3X Beginner Mechanics
  • 3X Beginner Drills
  • 3X Beginner Training
  • 3X Beginner Injury Prevention
  • Taking it to the Next Level Complete 3X Pitching eBook – 85 Pages of priceless information, case study after case study proving the effectiveness of the 3X Approach to baseball pitching.

3X Training Manual the Ace Pitcher eHandbook – This is the complete 16 week training program of 3X Pitching.

The 3X Velocity System is a proprietary series of throwing drills that will train you to develop the motor coordination around the 3X Pitching mechanics.

These drills are critical for the pitcher to implement the power pitching mechanics which is necessary to increase pitching velocity.

This training program is for those who have finished the 16 week 3X Pitching Velocity Program Level 1 with the Ace Pitcher Handbook and would like to add even more pitch velocity.

These videos equal 8 sessions or more of private one on one instruction for the pitcher who has finished the 3X Off-Season Programs and the 3X Pre-Season Program and who is ready to take their velocity gains into the new season.

3X Pitching Mechanics Guide Instructional Video Stream – – 1-2 hours of video covering all of the information and more from the 3X Pitching Mechanics Guide with Brent Pourciau… Read more…