4 Week Manifestation

4-Week Manifestation boxIn the next 4 weeks, your brain will undergo a systematic calibration with the 4-Week Manifestation. To help you achieve a worry-free life of abundance, perform better at work, increase sexual desire, improve body metabolism rate.

The full potential of your brain recalibration can be achieved with this 4-Week Manifestation program, a program that Dr. Abigail and Andrew Jakovic collaborated and perfected over years of trial and error and research.

But unlike any other tools or programs that promise you instant result, this program requires you to follow a routine everyday for 28 days.

Just imagine a renewed life full of energy, that you can manifest into real life whatever success you desire. All feasible in just 4 weeks, 8 soundtracks, and 30 minutes each day.

So, what’s next?

This 4-Week Manifestation program is simple.

4 weeks, 8 soundtracks that last about half an hour each.

All you need to do is to follow through a specific schedule each day.

Key Benefits

  • No thinking required.
  • No interference.
  • And no positive affirmations needed.

Just play it over your open speakers or headphones.

You are free to do whatever it is you are doing while listening to the tones; not necessarily meditate or sleep or yoga.

Work. Jogging. Surfing the net. Browsing Facebook. Anything.

Each soundtrack is designed to seek out different brainwaves and recalibrate its foundation.
The very foundation of how your brain processes data and memories.

Please note that 4-Week Manifestation program is NOT an instant shortcut that will grant you instant success. Don’t expect a prosperity windfall immediately, or for the pain of depression to go away.

This program simply gives your brain an extra boost to reset your subconscious mind.

Discipline yourself these 4 weeks. And believe me, 4 Week Manifestation is all you will ever need to lead a better life than you are having now… Read more…