500 Intimate Questions for Couples (Rip-off or Rewarding?)

The beautiful thing about these 500 Intimate Questions for Couples is that they are perfect for couples whether they are both virgins or have been married for decades. You can certainly come up with 20-50 questions on your own. But some of those questions would probably be pretty awkward asking your sweetheart.

It’s a clever idea. Put a whole bunch of questions together and see what kind of fun you can have with your sweetheart. Maybe they’ll make her mad. Maybe he’ll refuse to answer them. After a few drinks, both are having fun – right?

I was actually taken by surprise at how well crafted the questions were written and the very logical progression and a path that they took you on.

It was indeed fun to consider our beginning as a couple and to even look back and what shaped our views of love, intimacy, and sex.

It didn’t take too long to get to the “nitty-gritty” questions and they were actually very enjoyable to answer. They didn’t make me defensive and since I was asking to someone I trusted, I began to let loose and share more deeply than I ever had.

I will say that its practically impossible to go through more than 30-50 questions at a time. Not only do they really stir up great conversations, they stir up a lot of other “feelings” that need to be addressed. I’d recommend you ask the questions in a place you’d like to make love because it didn’t take many questions before we wanted to strip right then and there and devour each other.

My biggest complaint is that some of the questions are a little redundant depending on how you answer other questions. But that was just our experience.

There are questions that build trust and create an emotional and romantic foundation that should be first laid before you eventually get to the hot and the sultry questions.

For couples who are waiting to make love down the road — many of these questions will fan the flames of passion so use with caution.

There are certain questions, given their deeply personal nature, that should only be asked by couples who are truly committed to each other

We’ve decided to space out the questions a little further apart because every time we do the questions, we “do” each other. And we’re trying to savor that.

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