500 Scrapbooking Sketches

The overlooked and often forgotten technique of using Scrapbooking Sketches is so simple, yet so effective, that anyone – anyone — can use it to instantly transform dull-blank pages into fabulous masterpieces exploding with colour, gorgeous patterns, stunning embellishments and whatever else your imagination can dream of. Using only your precious photos and your favourite scrapbooking supplies you’ll have all the other women drooling over your latest creations.

How can this simple secret do all this for you? Easy. . . because this secret eliminates the need to be a creative genius, so you know where to start each and every time you sit down to start scrapbooking.

500 sketches total in the entire collection:

  • 127 sketches for one photo
  • 132 sketches for two photos
  • 108 sketches for three photos
  • 56 sketches for four photos
  • 35 sketches for five photos
  • 21 sketches for six photos
  • 21 sketches for six or more photos

Here’s how a sketch works: A sketch is basically a plan or outline to help you get started and give you an overview of your entire project. It allows you to see how your photos will be arranged and how the different elements of your page mesh together before you even start scrapping.

Can a simple sketch like this make that kind of difference in your scrapbooking?

By using sketches you will be able to “test drive” your design deciding whether you like it before you crop a single photo allowing you to discover the secrets to overcoming procrastination and indecision.

As soon as you get these sketches in your hands I urge you to print them out and select a few designs you absolutely love.

Grab all your materials and create a few magical pages. Take note of how fast you get the first two pages finished and lookin’ good… Read more…