5 Minute Genius Football Betting Tips

5 Min Genius reviewsForget everything you know about conventional football betting. With the 5 Minute Genius tips, you will not get lengthy, useless explanations why to chose a particular bet. All you should care about is making money at the end of the month. Men lie, stats lie, money doesn’t.

Since the advent of online betting in the early 2000’s, things have gotten out of hand. Hundreds of forums, gurus, software, loopholes, new bookmakers, new betting types but where has all this advancement got us?


The majority of us are still in the red.

The only ones that are winning out of all this are the dubious individuals that pose as experts – asking you to buy into another algorithm.

Trying to convince you that they wake up every morning and look through tons of “super-difficult-to-understand stats” ONLY to deliver another loser to your inbox.

Ok, some of them might do.

But is all that even necessary?

Here Is What You Get When You Join 5 Min Genius Tipster Service

  •  A service where get tips from personal email (no middleman, no Aweber, no need to join/approve an email list, no spam)
  •  A financial booster package that will help anyone have enough money to travel to a tropical destination this summer (Google Bali, Indonesia)
  •  Independence from the betting industry
  •  A real football discussion forum where you can talk about… EVERYTHING

5-Minute Genius is not a monthly subscription. He’s only charging a one-time fee. To join and get the next tip all you have to do is click the button below and you’re good to go… Read more…