7 Days To Drink Less Program

You may think you need to QUIT drinking because of what you have read or others have told you, but I’m here to tell you that’s just not true.

7 Days To Drink Less is the online alcohol reduction program by Georgia Foster that allows you to get your life back without lifelong 12-Step programs, white-knuckle willpower, or going cold-turkey.

You don’t have to quit drinking altogether!

It’s time for you to manage your drinking. Don’t let it manage you.

This is the world’s first “Drink Less” program, celebrated the world over for its 97% success rate.

  • If you want to get healthier…
  • If you want to feel good about how much you drink…
  • If you know alcohol is affecting your life but don’t want to quit completely…

This program is for YOU.

This 7-day Drink Less Mind program is GUARANTEED to help you get off the “drinking too much” treadmill.

Key Benefits

  • The FASTEST and easiest ways to drink less, without anybody knowing how you did it!
  • The results are quick and effective – cravings disappear, replaced with healthier drinking habits.
  • 100% GUARANTEED to reduce your alcohol consumption by up to 50% in just ONE week or more, no matter how much you used to drink.

This tried and tested program has helped HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people all over the world drink less, no matter what they were like before this program.

Sounds too simple?

Then STOP for a moment while I share with you a powerful program that shows you, in just 25 minutes, how to drink less alcohol… Read more…