8 Times Female Orgasm Program (8-FO)

8 Times Female Orgasm or 8-FO as we call it is a brand-new sexual education program by Sebastian.

More specifically it’s designed for guys wanting to learn more on the ins and outs of female orgasm.

The course allows any novice to quickly gain an in-depth understanding and master the techniques of giving women multiple, various orgasms.

8-FO is based on true life events from its creator Sebastian.

His sexual struggles in his relationship, which ultimately ended by her leaving him, were the catalyst in the creation of this program.

Years of dedicated research and hard work turned a necessity to never feel such pain again to an educational tool for all men.

Men who struggle with sexual performance or simply lack the experience or knowledge can now gain a seemingly endless amount of information.

All at their fingertips and instantly available upon purchase. Efficiently packed into a secure and exclusive member’s area.

What’s All In The Program?

The program comes in video-seminar modules broken down into 11 parts.

Each module is produced at high quality and sticks to the following outline:

Introduction (What you need to do? How to reach a certain orgasm?);
Feedback from Women;
and Summary.

Each segment dives deeper into the discussion and provides many examples and even live demonstrations.

The live demonstrations are done on a life-like prop (silicone vagina – which shows everything). This is to ensure education focus on the potential arousal of the audience members.

Keeping a uniform outline allows each module to be constant but unique in its own content.

The comprehensive 8-FO course is broken down into 11 modules.

8 of those talk to a specific type of orgasm – hence the name: 8xfemaleorgasm. In total, the complete program has over 4 hrs of material.

Here is a list of each module:

  1. Introduction
  2. Anatomy
  3. Breast/Nipple Orgasm
  4. Clitoral Orgasm
  5. Vaginal Orgasm
  6. G-Spot Orgasm
  7. Squirt Orgasm
  8. A-Spot Orgasm
  9. Anal Orgasm
  10. U-Spot Orgasm
  11. Bonus Module: 41 Women’s Fantasies

8-FO is the most elaborate and detailed female orgasm course out there.

It has generated thousands of satisfied men (along with their partners) and literally any man can learn from it.

We guarantee even the Jedi-master of female orgasms can learn something from it… Read more…