Advertise On Android – Proximity Marketing Course To Set-Up Beacons

This step by step Advertise On Android course by Adam Braithwaite will show you how to set up Proximity Marketing Beacons yourself, on your own Free Account.

Using proximity marketing you can advertise on Android through Beacon technology. These devices will send a push notification for you to every Android phone within 100 meters of the device in every direction that has Bluetooth and location turned on.

You don’t need to pair the device to your phone or download an app to see the notification either. They simply show up via the Google nearby feature.

Proximity marketing system allows you to directly communicate your ad to smartphones of potential buyers. They will see your notification ad just like you would see your email or a Facebook notification.

With this technology, you can customize the 40 character message to say whatever you want it to say, and when a user clicks or taps on your notification advertisement they get sent to your website, a landing page or even your Facebook page.

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The possibilities are endless and now you can advertise your business everywhere you go 24/7.

Just think about that for a second.

Think about what this device can do to change the way you advertise your business.

Over 60 percent of the US population carries an Android phone and almost everybody has their Bluetooth turned on.

What that means is that a ton of people everywhere you go we’ll get your notifications every day.

Imagine sitting in a football stadium or a baseball field. Everyone within 100
meters of the device is getting your notification.

You are at Walmart or Target – they’re getting your notification.

Sitting at a coffee shop. Anyone with an Android phone within 100 meters from
this device is getting your notification.

Have a pizza place? You can have a notification that says: “Buy one, get one free”. If they see this notification on their phone they’ll come into your pizza shop.

Maybe you are a network marketer or a home-based business owner, think about how many people you could reach every day with this device.

A real estate agent? You can put a device in every home to have listed to send anyone passing by a link to a virtual tour of the house.

Storefront business owners like restaurant or bar owners, fitness club, boutiques, local stores and small kiosk – this is a great way to upgrade your services, get new customers and introduce your brand to more people.

Mobile service professionals, plumbers, roofers, lawn & landscapers, electricians, contractors HVAC and other service providers – this is an amazing way to market your business everywhere you send your service truck.

Right now there are companies that sell the same beacon technology on a monthly subscription. Their monthly service allows you to change the 40 character message and secure website URL every 24 hours. The problem is this will cost you hundreds of dollars per year or just a few weekends.

If you want to scale your proximity marketing efforts and have more beacons, this could cost you thousands per year.

But there is a better way.

What if I told you there was a way for you to buy the same thing directly from the manufacturer and set them up yourself?

The best part:

  •  there’s no monthly fee
  •  there’s no coding required
  •  no proprietary software needed and
  •  it’s not too difficult to set them up fast.

The Proximity Marketing Course To Set-up Beacons and advertise on Android was tested out on an 11 year old to see if she was able to set up a beacon and you know what?

She was able to set up a beacon herself.

If an 11 year old can do it so can you.

If you are interested in saving hundreds of dollars a year possibly even thousands and being in total control of your own proximity marketing efforts then you need this step by step video guide.

In the members area you’ll get instant access to buy the beacons to rest from the manufacturers and you will be able to pay wholesale pricing typically between 10 to 17 dollars per beacon with no monthly fees.

With these manufacturers beacon you’ll get step-by-step detailed instructions on how to set up the beacons on your own free account.

Most of the steps include a video demonstrating each step, so you can follow right along with us.

Members also receive lifetime access to all future updates and bonuses as the proximity marketplace of all by following the step-by-step video guides.

It’s very easy to set up and manage your proximity marketing yourself.

Once the beacons are set up you’ll simply log into your free account, change the 40 character message and secure website. Click Save and your notification is live.

By setting up the beacon to yourself you can change the 40 character message and the secure website link as many times as you want and they show up instantly without waiting up to 24 hours for processing.

Don’t pay hundreds of dollars a year on a monthly subscription when you can easily set them up yourself and save a lot of money in the process.

Take control of your proximity marketing efforts and get access to Advertise On Android step by step video guide today… Read more…

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