An Athlete’s Guide to Chronic Knee Pain

Athletes Guide to Chronic Knee Pain book cover

Athletes Guide to Chronic Knee Pain book coverYou can’t run. You can’t jump. You can’t squat. Even standing up from the toilet makes you wince. Your knees are in shambles.

And there you are. In bed. Waiting for a miracle. Waiting for the physiology gnomes to tap your knee with a magical star wand.

Laying around like a slug isn’t the answer to chronic knee pain. (Rest isn’t the answer for most pain, just so you know.) Yet that’s everyone recommends. Rest. Rest. Rest some more. Rest. But “rest” is the cheap answer.

Most rehab theories are based on an arbitrary concept of being damaged one day, resting for a little bit, then being magically healed overnight. But you know this never happens. It’s fairy tale logic.

Don’t get confused. Pain isn’t natural. Pain isn’t hardcore. Or manly. It’s a sign that something is wrong. Wrong isn’t good. But what do you do if your car breaks down? Do you leave it in the garage and hope it fixes itself? If you don’t fix your pain, you’ll always be in pain. Even worse? If you don’t fix the root of the pain, you’ll always flirt with pain.

There’s a difference between pain and the root of pain. You can fix your pain (feel healthy) without fixing the root of pain. You feel healthy…but aren’t fixed. So you feel alright. No pain. So maybe you go strength train and squat or you go play basketball. But then your injury flares right back up.

It’s like this. You have a friend named Kong. (Don’t ask me why his name is Kong.) Kong likes touching hot things. (Don’t ask me why. That’s just Kong. He’s a… Read more…