Blessing Chakra Bracelet

Enjoy your FREE Natural White Lava Blessing Chakra Bracelet.

What YOU are about to experience is extraordinary…

Whenever you wear it acknowledge one blessing in your life for each pearl on the bracelet.

The more you wear the bracelet, the more you will be blessed.

This is a unique blessing bracelet that connects with the ferocity symbol of the dog paw.

This beautiful bracelet is molded from real lava stone and perfectly balances your energy in any situation upon wearing it.

It is known for calming healing properties and is great for stabilizing your root chakra. Once it’s stabilized, you will feel safe, anchored and more positive.

These are the 7 chakras which me and… YOU have to be aware of it.

The dog paw symbolizes good luck and, of course, protection. It grants you the power to protect the things you love such as your family, your friends, and even your pet if you have any.

Blessing Chakra Bracelet is an amazing accessory to be worn as it receives blessings, grants protection, and showering you with unconditional love which serves as a powerful tool that you will need it in your life!

  • Clears your Mind & Soul
  • Warding off Bad Luck
  • Receive Blessings For You
  • Gain strength, stability, and courage
  • Promotes a positive change in you

Slowly, you can focus on balancing and reap its benefits…

Your daily tasks will be attainable as it helps to focus on keeping the chakras open and replace negative thoughts with positive ones, providing an optimistic outlook towards life…

Isn’t this wonderful by getting your tasks completed and feel a sense of achievement..?

This is truly such a great feeling.

And it’s what I want for you exactly… Read more…