Pickup Spanish – Learn Spanish. Get Girls

The Pickup Spanish System is the first Spanish for players guide on the Internet. It contains 4 Modules hours of step-by-step instructions covering how to learn Spanish quickly, how to game Latina women online, during the daytime and at nighttime venues, lifetime updates plus one-on-one coaching.

The entire package comes audio MP3s, worksheets and free ebooks.

Key Benefits of The Pickup Spanish System:

  •  Eliminates the hundreds of hours of Spanish study
  •  Over 200 introductions, openers, questions, gambits, lines and comebacks
  •  Beautifully produced and digitally mastered by top-notch native Spanish speakers
  •  Feel completely comfortable and prepared in any mall, club or social gathering
  •  Tested and refined by international playboys living in various Latin American countries

Pickup Spanish is the first online system teaching guys Spanish targeted for dating and attraction.

Foreigner exoticness & Dating Level Spanish = You’ll be dangerous. You’ll slaughter all the local competition and other gringos so badly it’s almost not fair.

This is your opportunity to cash in on something that all the other gringos traveling to Latin America without a lick of Spanish are going to ignore. You might meet other foreign guys in Colombia or Argentina who are taller, blonder, richer and better looking than you but if you know ‘Pickup Spanish’…

There’s no better way to hook up with lots of sensual Hispanic women (because regular Spanish courses don’t teach this).

The Pickup Spanish system uses established techniques such as mnemonics, repetition and word-association to ensure you know all the Spanish words you need to meet, attract, date and close stunning latina women.

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