Calling Men Guide

Calling Men is a great book that empowers women. That’s what women tell over and over again. This book is on a subject that is of interest to millions of single women worldwide, and it has received wide acclaim. This is a very well-written, original book that has helped women to claim more power in their relationships with men and with everyone in their lives.

Calling Men was first published as an Ebook in December 2006. This book goes into great depth about why you should or should not call or text a man in your situation. Many women tell me that they read the book again and again when they are tempted to call a man who is not calling them. I have received enormously positive feedback on this book.

The fact is: the way you handle phone calls, emails, and text messages can make or break your relationship!

How many relationships fail when the woman starts acting differently than she did in the early stages of their relationship? These tips can help women who are prone to go overboard once things get cozy – to help keep them from doing things which push men away. Many of these things include calling and emailing men – the wrong way! Read more…