Koi Fish For Beginners

Finally! Your questions answered, the Koi fish jargon demystified, the complex tasks made simple, quick, cheap and painless…

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Cheap Woodworking Secrets

Want to get all your woodworking equipment and supplies for HALF what everyone else pays? I believe this Cheap Woodworking Secrets guide is a “must have” for any serious woodworker. If you want to save literally thousands of dollars on tools and wood, click on the link below to learn more.
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Linda’s 15.000 Embroidery Designs

Embroidery can be incredibly useful in the home or make a beautiful addition to nearly any room in the house. Discover how you can get instant access to over 15,000 fun and unique embroidery designs.
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The Shoestring Gardener eBook

Do you enjoy gardening? Are you interested in learning new ways to be more creative in all aspects of caring & tending for your garden? “The Shoestring Gardener” by Claudia F. Brownlie is professionally illustrated – over 300 pages of easy to follow well-written instructions & how-tos.
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Red Eared Slider Secrets

The book ‘Red Eared Slider Secrets’ covers a complete area on the ways through which you can distinguish whether your slider is getting the right care or not. This book by Chris Johnson talks about everything that a red eared slider enthusiast should know before bringing one to their home. From their feeding to their habitats, this book covers even the most minuscule details in it. The book has been a best seller and is highly recommended by the red eared slider breeding experts.
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