MMA QuickStart – Learn MMA Moves At Home, Teach Yourself MMA. Videos, Workouts

The MMA QuickStart Training Program by Jeff Joslin provides you with an easy to follow training program that will answer all of the above questions and many more. Everything you get is based on his lifetime experience as both a professional fighter and full-time instructor.
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The Jump Manual – Exercises That Give Results

The Jump Manual is the ONLY comprehensive vertical jump training solution. It’s is an electronic download available upon purchase. E Book includes videos, printable workouts, and pictures.

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The Point Guard Academy Vol. 2

Damin Altizer’s The Point Guard Academy Vol. 2 leadership and mentality system is a complete basketball skill, mentality and leadership training academy including basketball skill workouts, mentality training exercises and leadership development, an exclusive fusion of programs focusing on all facets of elite Point Guard play and development.

Elite Point Guards must be multifaceted with their skill and mentality.

PGA’s modules are dedicated to achieving that.
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The Scoring Academy (Basketball Drills and Training)

Scoring Academy is the only basketball training program online that was created by an actual professional basketball player…that’s why players are calling it “The World’s Best Basketball Training Program.” Once you’re inside the academy you’re going to see exactly what makes is so special.
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Increase Pitching Velocity – 3x Pitching Program

I have never legitimately seen a commercial or advertisement for one of these pitching devices that claim to increase pitching velocity where the pitcher promoting it said he used it to go from low velocity to high velocity especially in ONE OFF-SEAON!
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