Clubbell Yoga: Action Potential

Clubbell Yoga: Action Potential is about accessing flow… It’s simple and easy to follow. designed and programmed for athletes, yogis and everyone in between.

CBY Action Potential is comprised of 6 full-lengths follow along classes each with a focus on one or more of the 7 zones of mechanical advantage in the body.

When you practice all six classes in order, you will bring balance to your entire system on both the musculoskeletal level and the more subtle energetic levels.

Summer Huntington created Clubbell Yoga in 2011, with the blessing of long-time coach Scott Sonnon. She is a Head Coach for RMAX International and teaches movement seminars all over the world.

Summer holds a Masters in Kinesiology and has served as an adjunct faculty member at WWU.

Breathwork and somatic training are key elements of the coaching cues in CBY Action Potential and are taught from a non-dogmatic viewpoint.

Is It Unique?

There are a ton of yoga sculpt classes and cardio bootcamp yoga classes on the market, but Clubbell Yoga Action Potential is in a class of its own.

There is absolutely no competition.

Some fitness yoga fusion classes make you burn, some classes make you sweat, whereas Clubbell Yoga Action Potential makes you breathe AND think. It will completely transform your yoga practice, whether a yogi or an athlete in countless ways.

Clubbell Yoga: Action Potential is extremely easy to access, simply get your clubbell and your mat and press play. Can be done outside or inside.

It has evolved since it’s original conception into a true blend of yoga, conditioning for yoga, deep stretches and holds and restoration. When you watch each class, you will go through the entire process of awakening, condition, practice and be guided through every step of the way.

How Do I Get Started?

Get a yoga mat, a Clubbell and a journal. Start committing to practicing a few times a week. Get connected to our Clubbell Yoga: Action Potential private Facebook page for support… Read more…