Combat Fighter

What does it take to dominate a fight and never be scared when faced with a bully or a violent attacker?

Combat Fighter is the simple system of fight moves that can make you a fully effective fighter in just hours instead of years of learning a martial art.

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Developing these techniques the way John Black shows you will feel like you’re actually downloading them directly into your nerves and muscles in an incredibly short time.

These are the most devastating and easy to learn techniques John Black has perfected in over 600 fights and during almost 20 years in the special forces.

Why Do You Need This?

Right now, the threat of finding yourself in a situation where you may have to defend yourself and your loved ones from outside threats is greater than it has ever been.

These are dangerous times.

  • Terrorist attacks
  • home invasions
  • shootings
  • violence and brutality are the realities of our days

At this very moment, the bullies and bad guys are out there practicing violence, and getting better at it every time…

Why shouldn’t you be preparing to beat them at their game?

Imagine yourself rolling out of bed feeling proud, strong and invincible for the first time in your life…

Imagine seeing the look of respect and wariness on the faces of predators when they read your body language and decide you are NOT easy prey after all…

Imagine walking into even the roughest places in your town with confidence and your head held high…

Combat Fighter is the absolutely simple fight system that can make ANY man face ANY situation with the steel-eyed calm confidence of a seasoned fighter. You can become a very, very capable fighter using these step-by-step techniques over a single weekend if you apply yourself…

Key Benefits

  •  You don’t need years of special training to master these almost instinctive fight moves
  •  You’ll wonder why you thought the idea of getting into a fight used to be so scary
  •  You may have absolutely NO combat experience

Does Combat Fighter System Really Work?

All the stuff that actually WORKS. Because it has been tested in the trenches time after time. These methods have been field tested in the most dangerous places in the world. And they work every time.

Examples Of What You’ll Learn

  •  The Center Line Strike
  •  The unorthodox “Blitz Blast”
  •  The Force Hijack method
  •  The Surgical Strike methods
  •  The One And Done Principle
  •  The Tipping Point Principle
  •  The Third Eye situational awareness techniques
  •  And much, much more…

Here’s What You Get

  •  Combat Fighter system
  •  Advanced Situational Awareness manual
  •  Alpha Survival manual
  •  One full month access to the Alpha Nation online-coaching community

Learn the simple combat secrets that will transform your confidence and skill in shockingly little time, without the years of discipline it takes to learn a martial art. Experience what it’s like to be in CONTROL of your life and your surroundings… Read more…