Complete Ageless Mobility Rejuvenation Magic Pack

The Complete Ageless Mobility Rejuvenation Magic Pack is an entire collection of RMAX’s creme de la creme of the Joint Mobility Treasury – a truly unique extract of the latest and greatest methodologies for keeping the body and mind young and agile – accumulated through years of research, testing and joy.

Scott Sonnon, founder of RMAX International, multiple-time USA National Team Coach and International Martial Arts Champion, has developed Ageless Mobility, a highly effective health and fitness program designed for people of all ages and fitness levels.

This Health First approach to fitness, emphasizing “prehab” and “post rehab”, has been successfully used by thousands of people around the world.

With just short practice daily sessions, thousands of Scott Sonnon’s students have claimed near-miraculous benefits of becoming Free to Move!

These are some of the results received:

  • “Increased energy and vitality!”
  • “Illness and disease prevention by not taxing the immune system with neurological burden!”
  • “Feel great and alert without stimulants all day long!”
  • “Increased mobilization of adipose tissue (metabolizing fat)!”
  • “Greater quality rest from sleeping even shorter hours!”

What you will find in this book are the coveted secrets Scott Sonnon discovered by traveling around the globe studying the continuum of cutting-edge modern to ever-proven ancient sciences.

Free to Move teaches the connection between immobility and mental/emotional barriers, and how liberating yourself from fixed, limited and painful movement transforms your life almost-instantly with near-magical effect.

Free to Move uncovers these Secrets of Longevity with photographic detail on the WHY and the HOW of Healthy, Low-Impact, Sustainable Movement. Written by the Pioneer of Joint Mobility, Scott Sonnon “promises and delivers” the distilled essence of Russian, Indian and American wellness research into what thousands worldwide tout as the “Fountain of Youth.”

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