Crested Gecko Secret Manual

Crested geckos have become popular pets and the number of reptile lovers that like to house them is increasing day by day. It is interesting to note that once considered to be extinct, the natives of New Caledonia are one of the most loved pet lizards. If you wish to bring one of these adorable lizards home you don’t need to worry. Crested Gecko Secret Manual is there to make your wish possible.

This manual is a one-stop solution to all your queries regarding selecting your pet, setting up a proper enclosure and then feeding them the right diet. Just like every pet owner wants to have a healthy and happy pet, you want your crested gecko to stay healthy. You will find a number of useful tips and tricks you can follow to make your pet feel comfortable and get familiar with its new surroundings.

Crested geckos find themselves more comfortable in a habitat that closely resembles their natural home. If you want to make your encounter with these geckos to be enjoyable and entertaining you can work to setup a lively “enclosure” that will make your pet happy.

If you would like to get a complete scoop on what all substrates, decor and artificial objects need to be present in your enclosure; this manual is the one you must have. Not only you will get to know a number of plants and other material that are a good choice for most geckos but you will also find useful tips to select and maintain your pet’s enclosure. It is not difficult to create a stylish new home for your crested gecko. You can treat your newest companion with a perfect rainforest environment with a little help from this secret manual.

Keep in mind that your pets will grow well only when you feed them a healthy diet. You can treat your pet with a variety of fruits, nectars, and insects which will help them grow well. You will also find a number of supplements and commercial food powders to assist you in the task which eliminates your worries to a great extent.

The Crested Gecko Secret Manual will help you “recreate” a natural diet plan i.e. one that resembles the eating pattern crested geckos follow when out in the wild. You can create feeding plans to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Caring for your pet is incomplete without knowing the correct and precise way of handling these lizards. Although they are considered to be easily handled by most first-time reptile owners, you need to be careful. Improper handling may irritate or threaten your crested gecko causing it to become very aggressive or lose its tail. If your pet feels uncomfortable it may get ill and you would definitely not want this to happen. This manual shares some useful tips you can adopt to care for and maintain your pet in perfect health. You will have a good idea about the various medical and health issues you need to look out for.

Crested Gecko Secret Manual is your one-stop solution to learning all about crested geckos. It is not only a good starting point for first time reptile pet owners but a good read for all crested gecko lovers… Read more…