Do It Yourself Upholstery Instructions Book

Do you want to restore your chairs and sofa to a perfect condition so they look like new? Veteran upholsterer reveals the real upholstery secrets so your furniture looks as if a professional upholsterer has done the job. Read this Do It Yourself Upholstery Instructions Review and learn how to reupholster your furniture at home.

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Do It Yourself Upholstery Instructions Review

Don’t start your DIY upholstery – until you’ve read these how to upholster secrets.

Look, ANYONE can master DIY upholstery secrets. Using the Do It Yourself Upholstery Instructions ebook, written by Tom Silver – a professional reupholsterer with more than 30 years of experience, you will be able to avoid the expenses connected with a professional job done by using a full-time upholsterer. Just look at the upholstery fees:

An Armchair $900
A Chair without Arm $750
A 2 Seater Sofa $1400
A 2½ Seater Sofa $1700
A 3 Seater Sofa $1,950
A Tub Chair $900

Impressive, isn’t it?

Alternatively, you could attend upholstery classes to learn the upholstery skills yourself. Of course, you’d have to spend your time and pay to attend them.

But, here is a simpler and easier way – you can learn how to reupholster with the Do It Yourself Upholstery Instructions. It shows you step-by-step how to competently do the upholstery job yourself.

chair upholstery

The Do It Yourself Upholstery Instructions could be the difference getting it right or getting it horribly wrong.

This material isn’t available anywhere else. Not online or offline.

It’s unique.

And, it doesn’t matter how much upholstery experience you’ve got. You can be a complete beginner and still do a professional looking upholstery job on your chairs and sofa.

What’s more, it doesn’t matter how practical you are. You don’t need to be particularly good with tools to do a great reupholstering job. If you can use a needle and thread and know which end of a hammer to use you’ll be good at reupholstering. Simply by following these upholstery instructions.

Imagine… re-upholstering any piece of furniture to the same standard as a professional upholsterer.

sofa upholstery


Here’s What You’ll Find Inside The Do It Yourself Upholstery Instructions Guide

Inside you’ll discover:

  • Repairing and polishing
  • The art of springing-up
  • Stitching edges on hard edged furniture
  • Pillow edge upholstering
  • How to upholster leather settees and chairs
  • Cording, Gimping, and Banding
  • And many more upholstery insider secrets, tips, and techniques you won’t find anywhere else

Once you’ve restored one piece of old furniture…then you can re-upholster another. And another.

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So, what’s the output from this Do It Yourself Upholstery Instructions Review?

In a few minutes from now, you’re going to understand exactly the upholstery techniques for different chairs and furniture.

This isn’t like watching an upholstery video or DVD. It’s much superior. The Do It Yourself Upholstery Instructions can really transform your furniture even if you have never done any reupholstering before. And of course, you’re backed by a very special 60-day money back guarantee.

If you’re a furniture enthusiast wanting to restore a chair, sofa or chaise lounge. If you want to re-spring, re-stitch, re-button any piece, you’ll be taken by the hand by the Do It Yourself Upholstery Instructions book and shown exactly, step-by-step, upholstery how to… Read more…