Dynamorphic Training System

The Dynamorphic Training System was named from the words Dynamo (power) and Morph (form).

This system utilizes 5 fundamental principles in four important fields to build and maintain your best body.

The breakthrough principles you’ll discover will serve you well – even in the most challenging of circumstances and environments.

Dynamorphic Training System utilizes a refined, principle-based military-inspired training system by Dr. Lanny Littlejohn, a senior military physician.

What’s This?

It’s an elite method for improving not only military performance–but also sports performance and adrenaline junkies activities.

Please note that the Dynamorphic Training System is available to civilians now for the first time.

It’s primarily designed for guys over 35, but I will say the Dynamorphic Training System program also works well for women who believe (as I do) that Strong is the New Sexy!

All you need just 3 hours a week to pack on muscle, melt fat, shred your entire body and ultimately build a human performance machine.

This military research-inspired all-out assault on your major muscle groups takes one hour a day, 3 days per week. That’s it, that’s all. Not hours a day 6-7 days/wk.

In the process, it’s stripping away ugly body fat.

And get this: it’s also keeping your blood constantly maxed out with amino acids to rebuild muscle.

Which is exactly what you need to build YOUR body.

In fact, studies show that when it comes to fitness, the training effects are equal to traditional training—except in just a fraction of the time.

That means you don’t have to run 4.28 miles with boots on or do 1000 flutter kicks a day (that takes 45 minutes alone) in basic special operations training.



Key Benefits

Owning a body like this throws off multiple benefits like sparks, among them:

  • A ripped upper, middle and lower core–1000 flutter kicks or sit-ups a day NOT required…
  • Rock hard functional muscle that can get you out of the most challenging of circumstances…
  • Optimum fat burning as your metabolism becomes a white-hot furnace…
  • An indomitable spirit that can overcome ANY obstacle (or obstacle course)…
  • Endurance, physical stamina and drive (because sometimes it IS about being the last man standing)…
  • Confidence that’s through the roof–especially when it comes to the confidence you need when dealing with the opposite sex…

This is the ONLY military, a battle-ready system developed by a current military doctor and used by our own forces.

And if you’re game, you’re just a few weeks away from building a human performance machine. Destroying ugly, stubborn fat with these breakthrough principles and little known ideas.

When you consistently apply the principles of the Dynamorphic Training System, you can’t help owning an enviable warrior’s body… Read more…