Energy Independence Army Power Generator Plans

YES! The solution is water.

Energy Independence Army is a new guide by Todd Harper on how to build a water-powered generator that helps you save up to 70% on your power bill this point forward.

What Big Corporations doesn’t want you to know is that ANYBODY can run a car on water.

You can stop wasting thousands of your hard-earned dollars, putting them in the pockets of these Big Oil and Energy, instead put it in your pocket where it belongs.

Save hundreds of dollars each month no more being gouged at the gas pump cut your electric bill by 75% even get rid of it completely and never pay Big Oil another penny!

Just imagine your savings then.

You could even end up with the electricity company sending you checks!

Run your car, your boat and your house on the water.

What You Get


    • The step-by-step guide to building your Energy Liberation Army generator in any space. Everything you need to build your energy liberation army generator guaranteed.
    • Video Guides and PDF blueprints, step-by-step, how-to instructions, advice, strategies.
    • Comprehensive materials list covering exactly what you need, and where you can get it.

You’ll find out where you should build your Energy Liberation Army Generator, and how one LITTLE adjustment can double the amount of money it produces.

It really couldn’t be any simpler or easier.

No, you do not have to be any kind of DIY hobbyist or tinkerer, and it may even be better if you aren’t because then you will have an open mind ready for our step by step video instructions.

Just grab the Energy Independence Army plans now and give them a true test drive… Read more…