Family Self Defense System

Family Self Defense System

Family Self Defense SystemWould you choose the right response in a situation you’ve never trained for? It’s almost impossible.

But how would you feel that you could have given your family total protection, just by watching a simple video on your computer?

All you really need is just a handful of easy-to-learn and super-effective movements that become your default reactions. The moves to end a fight in seconds.

Frank Bell created the Family Self-Defense System that allows even a 72-year-old with arthritis to throw around a younger, stronger, faster attacker like a wet rag!

A system that almost magically turns anyone… even if they are overweight, or have zero martial arts experience… into a skilled fighter who can easily crush a trained martial artist in a street fight.

How It Works

The truth is, every course our there right now is an information overload package.

There are a few very effective moves in each martial arts system, but the rest is just flourishes, unnecessary variations and all that just slows you down… and will cost you your limbs and possibly even lives when you only have a few seconds to react.

The only things that works are simple movements…

Moves so simple, they’re reflexes – they happen without thinking.

Key Points

  • The fundamental principles and natural movements that the greatest combat systems in the world are based on can be learned in an hour.
  • Everybody (no matter what their size, strength or skill level) has the exact same vulnerable spots on their bodies.

Just say “maybe” to the Family Self Defense System.

Dig through the program material, watch the video, even if you’ve never logged in to Facebook, you know everything you need to know to access the training – there’s nothing technical about it at all.

If you get very scared or nervous at the thought of a violent situation – don’t worry.

The video will teach you how to use this adrenaline dump to your advantage, and the bonus material includes mental toughness training used by the navy seals to take action no matter what… Read more…