Fight Ready Program

Wanna train like a top MMA fighter? Follow the revolutionary training methods described in Fight Ready Program from an MMA Strength and Conditioning Coach of the year Chris Barnard.

If you’d like to train like a top MMA fighter and do it in just 4 hours per week, without mindless running, muscle-destroying circuits (in a bad way), or unproductive powerlifting, Chris Barnard is about to show you how to do it.

Even if you’ve never thrown a punch, you can get the raw strength, power, and athleticism of UFC’s most elite.

Many MMA programs that you find out there are very cookie-cutter. You can do a quick search on a forum and find people recommending bodybuilding or powerlifting splits for MMA training.

This program is going to change the perspective of MMA Strength and Conditioning forever…

What Makes Fight Ready Unique?

Fight Ready was created by a seasoned MMA Fighter and Coach. It utilizes the EXACT methods that TOP MMA Fighters use to have successful bouts in the cage.

There’s no BS here. It’s all been put into practice and has been PROVEN time and time again to work.

The use of a weekly undulation GUARANTEES strength and mass gains that are appropriate for a fighter to be successful in the cage.

Fight Ready is the structured approach to getting yourself… fight ready. Using a full body approach to training, focusing on developing maximal strength, and acquiring power-endurance, you’ll become a physical beast just like the upper echelon of MMA Fighters.

This is critical: endurance is important for combat athletes, but most guy’s means of building endurance is cardio. Learn the right ways to develop all facets of endurance, so you become a beast in the cage… Read more…