Figure Competition Secrets

Figure Competition Secrets is a figure contest prep program by a certified fitness instructor and Figure Coach Karen Sessions you can follow and learn what the fittest women in the world are doing to look so great.

Can you do the figure contest prep on your own, without this program?

Sure, if you wanted to spend a few years doing the research on federations, judging, posing, precision dieting, carb-loading, peak week, training, cardio, posing suits, tanning, heels, etc. There is a science to getting super lean and even contest ready.

The other option is downloading Figure Competition Secrets and get on the fast track to a super lean and fit body. Imagine how it will feel to get up each morning, seeing and feeling your body leaner and more defined.

This program works because Karen went to the school of hard-knocks and she has nearly 3 DECADES of research, testing, and experience. Karen┬áhas the track record to prove ALL her successes…

This is just some of the things you can expect with Figure Competition Secrets:

  • Learn how long you need to prep so you can have the perfect body
  • Get information on how to overcome roadblocks so you can stay on track 24/7
  • Get the inside secrets on building confidence so you can become a success

The Figure Competition Secrets System is based on over 25 years of fitness knowledge, research, and personal trial-and-error from a female fitness competitive veteran. First-time figure competitors to IFBB Figure Pro’s have used this program.

Find out what it REALLY takes to lose that nagging body fat that just doesn’t seem to move no matter what you do.

You’ll learn how to eat in such a way so you can build muscle while you drop the fat.

Follow the same guidelines and avoid the most common roadblocks and start changing your physique too… Read more…