First Strike Fighting System

Look: real men aren’t looking for violence… but when it comes knocking they are willing and able to make the First Strike.

And the sickly predators of the world sense that and back away.

First Strike system designed by Swat Team Leader Todd Lamb is the only “real world” fighting system for regular guys.

Any man concerned with the rise of violent encounters and who wants to protect himself and his family from those who intend harm — must master the 17 viciously effective special forces combatives moves now revealed for the first time on this page.

The FIRST STRIKE Combatives System is the only 17 combatives moves you’ll ever need for terrible effectiveness in any violent encounter — each taught in 3 minutes or less.

Yes… you’ll need to practice these moves a bit to awaken your natural instincts.

Yet each of these combatives moves is clearly delivered in 3 minutes or less in easy-to-understand videos that you can watch anywhere, even on your phone.

After only weeks — sometimes even just days — you’ll master the most devastating combatives moves including… Read more…