Forex Market Sentiment Indicator

The Forex Market Sentiment Indicator will show you what traders are doing and which direction they will move the markets – the Holy Grail of Forex indicators.

This is the secret weapon for consistent winning trades and the most important indicator you need.

The Forex Market Sentiment Indicator will show you the number of traders who are long or short and the amount of trading volume in these positions.

The indicator is developed for MetaTrader 4 and visually displays the market sentiment data of multiple currency pairs on one chart.

It can be used stand-alone or combined with any other technical and fundamental analysis. It is the missing piece of the puzzle that you need to become a successful forex trader.

To keep it as simple as possible, you use the market sentiment data displayed by the indicator to find extremes in long or short positions and volume.

When you see an extreme in either or both, you trade… Read more…