Free Manifestation Bracelet

Manifestation Bracelets are created with Gemstones, Crystals, and Lavastones, designed to provide support, balance, and restoration of your 7 chakras. When using the law of attraction to manifest your dream life, you’ll want to wear this to serve as a reminder to focus your energies.

If you have a blockage in any area of your life, simply look at the list of colors and their meanings below and choose the color you want to unblock. Then look at that color on your bracelet, absorb the color in your mind and close your eyes and meditate, visualizing that color flowing freely throughout your body and spirit.

Made from Gemstones, Crystals and Lavastones it is designed to support the balance and restoration of your 7 chakras.

The perfect accessory for Law of Attraction abundance seekers to manifest their dream life and serves as a reminder of each of your chakra energy centers.

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