French Paleo Burn Program

Origin Weight Loss‘ main product, The French Paleo Burn, is an easy program using the Paleo & Mediterranean Diet for long-term weight loss & maintenance.

Chef Gui Alinat and Nurse Practitioner and PhD candidate Carissa Alinat (Husband & wife team) are the authors and have put together one of the most comprehensive, science-based weight loss program on the marketplace today.

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36-year old mother of 3 reveals the French weight loss solution for women over 35 struggling to lose weight. That helps you naturally slim down without exercise.

The French Paleo Burn Weight Loss Program by Fitness & Health Author Carissa Alinat reveals the PROVEN secrets to slim down 4 dress sizes effortlessly, regain energy, and get the natural confidence a woman NEEDS to be successful in today’s world.


How To Be Fit

How can these French women spend their entire time eating, drinking, being merry, without exercising, and still be fit?!

The TRUTH is most of what you’ve been told to lose weight and burn off stubborn belly fat is flat out WRONG and is actually destroying your metabolism as you age and making you fatter… FASTER than ever.

The Paleo Burn uncovers the simple, delicious fat-burning tricks that allow you to devour such foods as Lasagna, BBQ pork, or even amazing chocolate cupcakes, all while effortlessly burn body fat at a dramatically fast rate.

Package includes:

The French Paleo Burn, is a 6-element weight loss program that includes: the science-based, Nurse Practitioner engineered weight loss program, a Chef-designed 50+ recipe cookbook with stunning photography, 3 bonuses, and a 14-day meal plan.

Paleo Weight Loss

RAPID PALEO WEIGHT LOSS is the core of The French Paleo Burn. Inspired by the French lifestyle and habits of skinny French women, it’s easy-to-follow, done-for-you paleo program that will melt off your bulk and get you where you want to be in no time.

French women do not count calories and neither should you or me. Who has time for that? Instead, you’ll learn how to eat to your heart’s content and still lose weight.

With the French Paleo Burn, you can eat as much as you want and still lose weight… Read more…