The Friends With Benefits System

The Friends With Benefits System by Mike Haines shows single guys how to turn a girl into their casual sex buddy, and how to get your own Harem!

What about the “diabolical” persuasion technique borrowed from billion-dollar advertising firms which will make any girl you talk to lose interest in her boyfriend, and start to view you as his replacement?

You’ll learn 3 simple words that make beautiful young women want to be your no-strings-attached “Sex Buddies”, no matter my looks, age, income, or anything else!

You’ll get instant access to the secure private members’ site, where the videos are hosted in high definition.

This product contains adult language and situations and is not meant for those under 18 years old.


“Two Girls, One You”: Secrets Of Setting Up Threesomes

You’ll also get Mike’s technique to find a bisexual girlfriend, so you can do threesomes with her and other girls every night of the week!

Your buddies will be green with envy when you show up at the BBQ with not one but TWO smoking hot babes on your arm.


Daddy’s Girl: How To Sleep With Women Half Your Age

If you’re over 40, you’ll learn tricks to make younger women see you as more desirable than guys their own age, and beg to be your f*ck buddies!

You’ll never have to worry about aging again because no matter how old or out of shape you get, you’ll always have a beautiful girl in your bed.


The ‘Done For You’ Texting System

You’ll learn how to turn numbers in your phone into naked babes in your bed.

You’ll never again lose a girl because you screwed up your text messages to her!

You’ll always know what to text her to get her to come over to your place for sex (includes screenshots and word for word lines you can simply copy and paste!).

Plus, you’re also getting Mike’s “Bulletproof Sex Date” Formula, allowing you to sleep with any girl you want on the very first date!…

Or, get her horny but make her wait, so that she’s so desperate… Read more…