Hard To Get

Hard To Get Program Review - The Timeless Art Of Conquering His Heart

How can you keep him wanting more of you? There’s a concept known as “Hard To Get” that’s been around…

…Since the first cave-man stole a woman from a rival.

…Since Juliet made Romeo fall in love with her.

You see, men value what they work hard to obtain. They never forget what they put their efforts into. “Hard To Get” shows you how to make a man fall in love with you in a way he never, ever forgets.

What’s This?

“Hard To Get” is an excellent, original, and very well-written program by author Mimi Tanner which has been on Clickbank since 2008. It is revised and updated every three years.

It teaches women how to understand a man’s way of looking at her words and actions. It opens women’s eyes and after reading HTG, they “get” men in a new way.

What I like is that this program has stood the test of time. Readers return year after year to log in and get a refresher course when they’re in a relationship.

IMPORTANT: Hard To Get is all about the secrets that have been handed down for centuries. These secrets are still around because they work. And Mimi Tanner, in this program, has gone deeper into these secrets than anyone ever has before.

It’s all about what makes men tick. A woman who wants to truly understand men will want to know the secrets in this program.


  • Men love the chase!
  • When something is harder to get, we want it twice as much.
  • When a man must pursue a woman to win her, he cherishes her tremendously.
  • “A man must spend time thinking about you in order to fall in love with you.” – HTG Author Mimi Tanner
  • Many women are hard to get without realizing it. This drives men crazy with desire.
  • Being hard to get does NOT mean being rude to men.
  • Being hard to get does NOT mean that you tell him no when he asks you out. It doesn’t mean ignoring his texts!
  • Being hard to get is the opposite of being needy and clingy. But very few women understand how to be “HTG” in a way that makes men want them more.
  • “Hard To Get” is a woman’s best-kept secret. Thousands of women own this program and don’t tell anyone about it.

This principle can be applied to all your relationships…

Especially when trouble is brewing!

Take a step back – be a little less available – a little less accommodating…

Especially if you tend to overdo it!

But keep in mind, “Hard To Get” is *not* for everyone. It’s only for the woman who is a true student of what makes men tick… Read more…