Healing from an Affair – A Cheater’s Guide

Trying to heal after an affair? Healing From an Affair is an essential guide to helping the hurt spouse move forward after an infidelity. Useful hands-on tools for the cheater to help heal both himself and his spouse, tips on restarting the trust flames and how to handle setbacks are all included by Linda & Doug – ‘survivors’ of an affair.

Personal healing is probably one of the most difficult things to do after a relationship has been decimated by an affair.

The victim of the affair is often left alone to try and save the marriage and mend her broken heart and spirit while the cheater expects her to “Just get over it!”

The cheater is ready to “move on” after their affair has been discovered while the victim is left picking up the pieces.

You see, most cheaters just don’t “get it.”

Some may eventually, but many, many others never do.

This is the typical scenario that Linda & Doug from Emotional Affair Journey have not only witnessed daily with the couples they communicate with, but also from their own experiences in recovering from infidelity.

Not surprisingly, after his affair, Doug didn’t “get it” either at first.

Eventually, and with Linda’s help, he managed to get a clue and started doing the work that was necessary for Linda to heal herself and for the both of them to heal the marriage.

Through their experiences and research, they have discovered that there are 24 “tasks” that the cheater must perform in order to successfully help their spouse heal from their affair.

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