Hemorrhoids Healing Protocol

Three weeks to freedom from hemorrhoids… The program is called the Hemorrhoids Healing Protocol and it has been created, tested and proven by Scott Davis.

It turns out that Scott is a well-regarded alternative health practitioner. He concentrates on the causes of various conditions. He then applies non-drug, non-surgery treatments for those causes.

Scott’s approach to remedying unpleasant but persistent conditions is pretty simple, really.

His Hemorrhoids Healing Protocol is designed to remedy the specific bad habits around food and movement that directly cause the condition in the first place.

The protocol addresses two bad habits:

1. Not eating foods that are known to directly reduce and remove the causes of hemorrhoids.

2. Not moving in ways that, basically, ease and then reduce them.

Then the exercises:

Scott’s movement plan centers around exercises that nurture healthy bowels and relieve hemorrhoids’ painful symptoms.

They strengthen the anal muscles and reduce swelling and discomfort. They tackle constipation head-on by stimulating the abdomen.

Although, to be honest, they’re not really exercises as you and I might imagine them.

Successfully tackling the causes of a condition means you’ve successfully got rid of the condition. Which makes sense: without the causes there can be no condition, can there?

The Hemorrhoids Healing Protocol provides a lot of insightful information that, despite my various inquiries, I’d not heard of.

But Scott does one special thing that, for me, is the key to his whole program actually working.

Instead of dumping lots of interesting and inspiring facts on people – and then leaving us to work out how to apply it – he has created a 3-week, step-by-step plan for us to follow… Read more…