HFT2 : Build 2wice The Muscle

HFT2Is your muscle growth is much slower than desired? How should you train to build muscle twice as fast? The HFT2 (High-Frequency Training) manual covers everything you need to know about building muscle – fast.

It includes two 12-week full-body programs: one to be used with Targeted Training plans and another that incorporates three unique training methods to quickly add lean muscle to all major body parts.

No stone is left unturned as I cover everything from the latest research to real-world data for HFT2. You’ll learn how to build muscle across your entire body or just target it where you need the most growth.

All the programs are laid out in a simple format with links to videos for each exercise so you’re sure to do each move with perfect form.

Each of the workouts consists of sets and exercises that you’ve probably never seen before. That’s why the all-new instructional videos are included to guide you.

All of the workouts require nothing more than your body weight and basic weights such as kettlebells, dumbbells or a barbell.

And the targeted HFT2 plans for each major muscle group only take minutes a day and require little to no equipment.

The combination of the training system, instructional videos and workout logs result in the most effective muscle-building program to date. I can assure you that the workouts and strategies are unlike anything you’ve seen before… Read more…