High Carb Fat Loss Diet Plan by Visual Impact

Surely you can’t get super lean eating mainly pasta, bread, and rice… or can you?

The High Carb Fat Loss course by Rusty Moore outlines how to get lean quickly eating a diet based on carbs like rice, oatmeal, potatoes, bread etc.

This diet is a direct path to getting lean.

Rusty is a former trainer to runway models.

His “Visual Impact” brand is aimed at people who want to have maximum muscle definition while still being able to fit into stylish clothing.

High Carb Diet Benefits

  •  No more backtracking
  •  No more yo-yo dieting
  •  It works extremely well
  •  It’s a diet with vegan and non-vegan options
  •  Rusty mixed in some funny stories to keep it entertaining and easy to read

When following the high-carbohydrate diets approach:

  •  You are either losing body fat from a calorie deficit
  •  OR maintaining body fat when calories in equal calories burned
  •  You are never backtracking on your fat loss journey.

By keeping fat to a minimum, it is unlikely you are going to store any body fat.

…and the body struggles to convert carbs to fat.

Doesn’t it drive you nuts when you meet a person with a flawless physique who’s diet consists of burgers, fries, donuts, etc?

Because of this plan, you aren’t going to gain fat even on high-calorie days.

High Carb Fat Loss is the first diet course in the Visual Impact lineup. This is an online course that looks fancy schmancy and easy-to-read on mobile. The course is all online… Read more…