How To Be An Expert Persuader

Become An Expert Persuader reviews

Become An Expert Persuader reviews
Become An Expert Persuader

You’re about to become a world-class persuasion expert in just a few short days. The secrets you’re about to discover are powerful enough to change anyone’s behavior and way of thinking, so please use them ethically and responsibly. “How To Be An Expert Persuader” e-Book by Persuasion Expert Michael Lee is in downloadable PDF format, while the Audios are in downloadable MP3 format.

Reading “Expert Persuader” has turned out to be one of my most stimulating experiences ever! The persuasion tactics and secrets he’s shared are extraordinarily exceptional.

How To Be An Expert Persuader In 20 Days Or Less

Michael leads you by the hand and gently guides you through the wild jungle of NLP theory and techniques to guide you to the knowledge and skills that will enable you to accomplish anything and everything you want in life.

The problem is, when we’re growing up, nobody has ever taught us how to persuade people to our way of thinking, experience in persuasion, conversational hypnosis, body language, NLP, communication training, copywriting, and negotiation.

Michael clearly explains how his persuasion secrets work in very simple details. Develop your persuasion skills even if you feel you are zero today. Making friends and getting them to like me has become almost automatic.

How To Be An Expert Persuader… In 20 Days Or Less is jam-packed with 418 meaty pages of foolproof & powerful information to automatically persuade and influence people… even if you’ve never convinced or persuaded anyone in your entire life!

Do Persuasion Techniques Really Work?

Mike Lee’s system is complete with persuasion techniques to get what you want. Techniques that really work because they are tried and tested and have personally worked for me!

5 Fantastic Bonuses (including Assertiveness Maker Audio, How To Be A Master Communicator, Fire Up Your Motivation Audio and Ebook, Revolutionary Positive Thinking, and Art and Science of Personal Magnetism).

8 Grand Master Modules (including Persuasive Copywriting Secrets, How To Conquer Difficult People, How To Be A Champion Negotiator, The Wonderful Art Of Charisma, Assertiveness: The Art Of Getting Your Way Nicely, Selling Your Way To Your First MIllion, NLP for Beginners, and 12 Winning Leadership Qualities).

The Grand Master Edition includes everything listed above, AND also includes 8 powerful modules that will make you a Grand Master Persuasion Expert.

Although “How To Be An Expert Persuader” is comprehensive in itself, the Grand Master Edition will reveal the in-depth confidential secrets and nitty gritty details that will take you to a whole new level of persuasion mastery!

The 8 additional modules inside the Grand Master Edition include:
– Persuasive Copywriting Secrets Audio and eBook
The good news is that anyone can write compelling copy with the proper guidance, and “Persuasive Copywriting Secrets” is just the guidemap you need to become a persuasive copywriter.

This module is the perfect complement to “How to be an Expert Persuader”. With this extraordinary combo, you get to be a master of both the spoken and written word, as well as nonverbal communication. You’re completely unstoppable!

– How to Conquer Difficult People
This module is the ultimate solution to finally stop difficult people from ruining your life by dominating, winning and changing their hearts.

– How To Be A Champion Negotiator
In this module, you’ll discover highly effective win-win negotiation strategies to make anyone agree with your proposal, grant your request, and do whatever you want … willingly and eagerly!

– The Wonderful Power of Charisma
With the help of this module, you can now fully enhance that hidden charisma in you and make other people notice you, follow you, respect you, and love you the way you want them to!

– Assertiveness: The Art of Getting Your Way Nicely
In this module, you’ll learn the secrets to easily get your way in relationships and at work, effectively influence others, and cleverly deny people… all while remaining to be an overall respected and well-liked person!

– Selling Your Way to Your First Million
With the help of this module, you can finally convert uninterested prospects to highly-responsive paying customers and cash-in your way to massive selling success!

– NLP for Beginners
In this module, you’ll find out how to use NLP to:

Easily acquire the habits and mindset of your role models
Attain your ideal state of mind and emotion
Experience a dramatic change in your entire life!

– 12 Winning Leadership Qualities
With this module’s help, you’ll possess the 12 winning qualities of a highly persuasive and influential leader to effectively lead any team to success.


The bottom line: if you wish to make lots of friends.. if you want to be happy and secured.. if you want to save and make incredible amounts of money.. if you want people to praise, trust, and like (or love) you.. if you want to protect yourself from deception .. if you want to possess the power to make people do what you want – willingly and eagerly.. then you and “How To Be An Expert Persuader” are a perfect match.

The ‘Expert Persuader’ is an absolute gold mine for people who really want to learn the art of persuasion… Read more…