The Handsome Factor: Men’s Appearance Transformation Guide

The Handsome Factor ProgramThe Worlds First “appearance Improvement” System! The Handsome Factor by Mark Belmont is a step-by-step program full of secrets guaranteed to improve physical appearance. It’s 240 pages of explosive, step-by-step instruction that will enable you to transform your appearance in a matter of days.

This Handsome Factor program is a complete step-by-step appearance transformation system. It includes three major components: a 240-page ebook, a 3-part audio course, and a month of personal email coaching from myself and my two female assistants. The program focuses on areas such as fashion, hairstyle, hygiene, grooming, skin care, cosmetic dentistry, weight loss, and muscle building. It’s a complete system that includes absolutely everything you’ll need to permanently enhance your look.

The Handsome Factor Appearance Transformation System By Mark Belmont

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The Program Includes…

» 241-Page “Handsome Factor” E-Book
» Grooming & Style Mistakes Audio Course
» One Month of Personal Email Coaching
» Unlimited Free Premium Book Updates
» Complete No-Fail Body Makeover E-Book (Bonus)
» Body Transformation Tracker Software (Bonus)
» 10 Laws of Sexual Attraction E-Book (Bonus)

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Delivery Method…

The entire program and all the bonus components are digital – they can be downloaded immediately.

Trial offer…

As of the time this review was published, you can access a 21-day free trial of the program with no strings attached.

Money-Back Guarantee…

The program comes with an unconditional 8-week 100% money-back guarantee.

Editor’s Review…

I consider myself to be a decent-looking man. I have never been insecure about my looks, and I have never sought advice on how to improve my appearance. That’s why, before trying out this program, I was a bit skeptical. “What could Mark Belmont’s new Handsome Factor Appearance Transformation System possibly teach me?” I asked myself as I downloaded the program. Well, it turns out that I had a lot to learn.

To be honest, I found The Handsome Factor to be an incredibly useful program. I can’t imagine a guy who wouldn’t benefit from this system, regardless of their current appearance. It’s just full of useful information that will improve your look and give you an immediate confidence boost. Mark’s program consists of several different components, but the most important one is the 240-page e-book. To begin with, the book itself is impressive: it’s beautifully presented and extremely professional in its layout and format. Upon reading the first few pages, it becomes clear that Mark is a very talented writer… and there’s no doubt the content is meticulously researched.

The e-book is broken into a number of chapters, each covering a specific topic. It begins with a detailed discussion on hygiene, grooming, and body hair (not the most exciting topics, but still crucial) before moving on to skin care, weight loss, and muscle building. To round it out, the book includes several very extensive chapters on hairstyle and fashion/clothing. I love how Mark presents this topic in a logical, scientific manner. His work is backed by research, and all of his appearance-enhancing methods are based on science. For example, he notes that several studies have shown that the shape of person’s face can have a big impact on which hairstyle will work best – and he illustrates each facial shape with diagrams to make it simple to understand.

That’s another great thing: in addition to being easy to read and understand, the book includes numerous real-world examples, pictures, and money-saving techniques. (Oh, and by the way: Mark’s program does not involve any surgery or dangerous procedures. It’s an all-natural system… To implement most of Mark’s techniques and strategies, you won’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home.) In addition to all of the juicy information presented in the e-book, Mark has also included a 3-part audio course. The audio course, which outlines a number of crucial grooming & style mistakes, is professionally recorded and contains a number of very useful tips beyond the main e-book.

Perhaps the most valuable component (aside from the main e-book) is Mark’s “personal email coaching” offer. Essentially, you can email him any questions you have about your appearance, and you’ll get a detailed and personalized response. You can also receive feedback from Mark’s two gorgeous assistants, Katie and Jessica, if you want a woman’s perspective. Mark encourages you to send a picture of yourself, so you can receive custom feedback based on your photo. (When I emailed him for coaching, I received a lengthy response in about 24 hours.)

Like many other e-book authors, Mark includes unlimited access to book updates. Essentially this gives you a lifetime membership to all the style, fashion, and grooming advice you could ever want, because he releases regular program updates with new and up-to-date style and fashion information. The program also comes with several bonus items. The first bonus – called the “No-Fail Body Makeover Package” – is outstanding. It’s “one” bonus item, but it actually includes three separate e-books! One covers fat loss, one covers muscle building, and one includes dozens of healthy recipes. These bonus books could easily be sold for the price of the entire program.

The other two bonuses are not as impressive, but will still be very useful for many guys. The first is a small software program that allows you to track your fitness progress (I’m still using it, actually). The second is an e-book entitled “10 Laws of Sexual Attraction,” written by best-selling seduction author Derek Lamont. It’s a very good introduction to the world of pickup and seduction.

In Summary…

Despite my initial skepticism, I can confidently say that this program will help you dramatically enhance your appearance. It’s pretty much guaranteed to give you a serious confidence boost, even if you’re fairly handsome to begin with.

Speaking of a guarantee, Mark offers an unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee. I highly doubt very many guys will be asking for a refund, because this is an excellent program… but it’s always nice to know your purchase is risk-free. For more information about The Handsome Factor, simply visit Mark Belmont’s website. On his web page you can also check out some impressive testimonials and before/after photos that have been submitted by previous customers. We were extremely impressed by this program, and we gave it a 5-star overall rating.

The Bottom Line…

If you’re looking to improve your chances with the ladies or simply looking to rejuvenate your look and boost your confidence, you’ll want to check out The Handsome Factor website. (Not ready to start your own appearance transformation just yet? You can still sign up for Mark’s free 5-part email course entitled “5 Secret Steps To Immediately Increase Your Sex Appeal”.)

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