How To Improve Dining Room Service by Richard Saporito

NYC restaurant insider reveals the simple steps to improving dining room service & increasing restaurant profit. Discover how to improve dining room service, gain a better reputation & increase your sales.

Have you ever thought about why people come to your restaurant or “eat out” in general? In my experience, it’s because they want to escape the “realities” of their everyday lives.

You know…

The meal planning, the shopping, the cooking and the inevitable clean up that follows.

They do it because they want to be pampered a bit and be the one to be served for a change. It’s for this reason that “customer service” is so important!

If you’d like to learn more about improving your restaurant’s dining room service and increasing your overall profitability, let me make a recommendation…

It’s an ebook entitled “How To Improve Dining Room Service” that was written by Richard Saporito.

Richard is a NYC Restaurant Consultant with more than 30 years experience in the restaurant industry. His ebook, and bonus materials have worked for restaurants all over the world and I’m confident his system would help to improve your business as well.

Here’s just two of the many reviews he’s received…

“This is a great book for fixing dining room service problems.
Our restaurant runs smoother now and our customers have never
been happier!”

Ted Lo Russo –
Manager, Canyon Road Restaurant,
NYC, New York
“This is a great book for improving Dining Room Service as
Richard Saporito has over 30 years of restaurant experience under
his belt.

Every waiter, manager and hostess should have this in their
library. A must read! We give it four stars.”

Patti Farnum –

If you’d like to improve the dining room service in your restaurant, I recommend giving Richard’s material a look.

All of the products (and free bonuses) are available for immediate download and come with a full 8 week satisfaction guarantee.

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