REVIEW: Using “THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology” …To Get Your Ex Back

I don’t normally write reviews myself, especially on products for helping to get your ex back …but since I had just recently been dumped by my girlfriend (of over 3 years!) I found myself in a position I wasn’t expecting to be in.

I’m guessing you feel a similar way right now, reading this.

In total, I bought 2 online programs, and 3 books in my local book store …specifically designed to help get your ex back after a breakup. If you’ve done any searching online, you will have come across the online programs I bought because they are the 2 most touted about online.

THEN …I came across John Alex Clark’s new program THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology, and boy what a find!

And this was why I felt the need to write this review.

First Impressions?

At first, the title took me aback. I mean, how could a book “make” someone fall in love with me? And even then, could it really make my ex fall in love with me? (because things were pretty bad between us. “Sour” would be an understatement.)

John Alex Clark is an internationally recognized relationship coach and NLP practitioner. He is the worlds leading expert in the field of “Lovemaps” (the field of study into how and why we fall in love). But that didn’t mean he could “make” someone fall in love with me.

I mean, love either happens or it doesn’t. You can’t “make” someone fall in love with you. Can you?
Having read what John Alex says here however, I quickly came to realize that love …is an emotion. And just like any other emotion such as stress, fear, anger etc …it has controls. Love has controls, but we are simply not aware of them.

This Is Where Other Relationship Programs Fail …And THE LOVEMAP CODE Shines

I always believed that love was based on “fate” or “destiny”. I thought that love either happens or it doesn’t. And if it doesn’t …then nothing can be done about it.

The fact that love can be controlled was only the first revelation of THE LOVEMAP CODE program however.

As I went through the program, I would discover that I had actually been making things much worse for myself and my ex-girlfriend by trying out all kinds of different techniques that I had seen in those other online “get your ex back” programs.


This was because those techniques were GENERAL tips and tricks for getting an ex back. And GENERAL tips and tricks won’t get your ex back …PERIOD (as I found out!). What you need (as John Alex Clarks program does) is a specifically designed plan for getting YOUR ex back, that’s based on YOUR ex …and no one else.

This is because everyone is different. What will get one ex back, won’t work on another. Your plan for getting your ex back must be tailored to your specific ex (and your specific breakup situation) …which is exactly what THE LOVEMAP CODE program does.

How Is THE LOVEMAP CODE Program So Specific?

To better illustrate this, let’s look at what you actually get in the program itself. The program comes in 3 parts:

This is the main part of the program. It comes in the form of a PDF ebook and is pretty straight to the point, cleanly-formatted, easy to read …and most important – easy to implement. Consequently, ordinary people are able to get results …without having to be an expert in psychology.

The 5-Part Video Course:
Along with the ebook, you also get a 5-part video course “FATAL LOVEMAP MISTAKES …You’re Making Right Now, But Don’t Realize” …in the membership area. I found this bonus particularly useful since it shed some light on why I hadn’t succeeded at getting my ex back using those online “get your ex back” programs. Using them, I had been taking the wrong approach in getting my ex-girlfriend back. I was actually guilty of committing almost all of the mistakes mentioned in this video course.


Now, this is where things get specific. Most people will find that the ebook and the 5-part video course dramatically increase their chances of getting their ex back. However, to help the viewer even further, the program comes with a supplementary 146 page manual. This manual covers the 4 main relationship situations that people are likely to use the THE LOVEMAP CODE for. Namely, these are:

1. How to get your ex back after a break up
2. How to make a girl you like fall in love with you
3. How to make a guy you like fall in love with you
4. How to save your existing relationship or marriage

The techniques that you will be using will depend on the specific situation with your target person, their specific Lovemap components and their personality type. All of these are covered in the program, and are actually quiet easy to do once you get going.

What Will I Actually Need To Do To Make The Person Fall In Love With Me?

After uncovering your target person’s specific Lovemap components, the program then shows you how to be a match for these components in order to induce feelings of love in your target person for you.

Now you might be thinking:

“But what if she’s looking for Mr. Perfect and I have none of the traits that she desires?”

Don’t worry!


…Because this situation is covered as well. There is absolutely no one in this world who can be a 100% match for your target person’s Lovemap components – so you don’t have to be either!

As you go through the program, you will find that being a good, close match for even just 25% of your target person’s Lovemap components can sometimes be enough to induce love in them for you.

But for good measure, John Alex wants to get each reader up to about 90%+ match. This is what is making the program so successful with its readers.

Do I Have To Be Good Looking For THE LOVEMAP CODE Program To Work For Me?

Most people think that the only way to make someone fall in love with them is to look good. This is not only wrong, but is what damages most peoples confidence.

They think that if someone doesn’t love them, then they must be ugly. And they think that if their ex dumps them, then they must be ugly also. This knocks the person confidence …which in turn ironically makes it more difficult for the person to make their specific person fall in love with them.

The reality is that the psychology behind why we fall in love (Lovemaps) has nothing to do with physical good looks!

Have you ever wondered why ugly people can end up marrying good-looking people? If love were down to looks, this wouldn’t happen. But love isn’t down to looks. Love is down to analyzing the other persons Lovemap …and then matching it. This is what THE LOVEMAP CODE program does, and it has nothing to do with physical good looks, personality type or how much money you make.

These are only superficial things which people THINK will make someone fall in love with them …but usually only provide short-term relationships because of their superficial nature. They never induce real love, but only superficial love.

John Alex Clarks program is about inducing real love in the person for you, so that once you get your ex back – they will never want to break up with you again.

What Kind Of Techniques Are In The Program?

That’s a difficult question to answer because there’s nothing to compare them to.
Since 95%+ of the population are not familiar with Lovemaps (or that even such a thing as a Lovemap exists) …the psychological techniques in THE LOVEMAP CODE program are completely unlike anything you will have seen before (trust me!) because the techniques are mostly based on the psychology of Lovemaps.

If you have never heard of Lovemaps before, lets just do a quick introductory on what they are and what they involve…

A persons “Lovemap” (as coined by Dr. John Money of the John Hopskins University in 1980) immediately begins to take shape as soon as a person is born. He or she immediately starts forming information from his:

• Environment
• Parents
• And personal experiences etc

…and makes use of this information to formulate his idea of the ideal romantic partner.

This all happens on the subconscious level …and we all do it. This subconscious vision of the ideal romantic partner is dynamic and changes over time as the individual gains new experiences and interacts with new people, etc.

The list of traits of the ideal future romantic partner (that the subconscious creates) is called the persons “Lovemap”. And because a persons Lovemap is based on the individuals own unique background, upbringing and experiences etc …each of our Lovemaps is different from everyone else. This is why we all fall in love with different people.

What THE LOVEMAP CODE program does is, it reveals how to uncover the components of your target persons Lovemap (your husband or wife as the case may be) and then use this information to be a match for their Lovemap …making the person fall in love with you.

Who is John Alex Clark?

John Alex Clark is an Ireland based relationship coach & NLP practitioner. He’s been in the field since 2005, but it has been his work on the topic of Lovemaps that first brought him to international attention.

After the death of Dr. John Moneys (the worlds leading expert in the field of Lovemaps, and the man who coined the term “Lovemap”) death in 2006, John Alex devoted his career to the continuation of Dr. Moneys work on Lovemaps.

Now, after 8 years of research, “THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology” is the first book to be released on the topic of Lovemaps since Dr. Moneys death and marks a major step forward in the understanding of Lovemaps.

For the first time, John Alex reveals how to reverse engineer a persons Lovemap (the secret code to making a person fall in love with you), so that you can make someone fall in love with you that otherwise wouldn’t have done …even if the person has already rejected you, or your current situation looks hopeless.

…And if you marriage is in as bad a repair as some of the people who have used THE LOVEMAP CODE program tot save their marriage, then no doubt that fact the program is getting results even in hopeless situations will be of interest to you.

Is The Program Difficult To Read?

You would think that given John Alex Clark’s background that it would be written in a more complex, technical way. But refreshingly …it’s not.

This was something I really liked about the program. The techniques and methods for programming the other persons mind into falling in love with you are clearly explained in the program. Not just what they involve and how to implement them …but the actual psychological basis behind each one.

It’s all very reader friendly.

So Did The Program Work For Me?

YES! And this is why I’ve gone and written this review.

After applying the techniques in the program itself, and then following the step-by-step guidance as laid out in the SPECIFIC SITUATION TRAINING manual on how to get your ex back using THE LOVEMAP CODE program …I got her back!

But not only that, the confidence I have gained from going through the program has made me feel a sense of, I don’t know, security that I not only have her back, but that I can hold on to her.

And that’s important.

I think when you know how love really works, it gives you confidence in your relationship with the other person because you know how to maintain a strong emotional connection in the other person for you …so that they will never want to break up with you again.

Depending on “luck” for this, is not a clever strategy to use on the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

The Pros Vs The Cons

To recap, let’s go through what I liked and didn’t like about this program (though in fairness, there was a lot more to like than not like):

The Cons:

• It’s Not A Magic Wand: This is not some kind of magical fix-everything-up-while-you-do-nothing type of relationship product. You will need to actually apply the techniques as laid out in the program …but these techniques are easy to implement. You just need to do them.

• Results Not Instant, Can Take Up To A Month: If you’re expecting to get your ex back within the next few days using this program – you won’t. The plan for getting your ex back as laid out in the SPECIFIC SITUATION TRAINING manual requires a 3 week cut off period from your ex. After this, you will be able to apply the full strength of THE LOVEMAP CODE program and get them back.

• Not Everyone Should Be Allowed Access To This Program: The reality of knowledge is that it can be used for both good or bad purposes. Unscrupulous people might use the information in this program to hurt others, rather than using it to make “The One” fall in love with them.

With the cons out of the way, here’s why I’m recommending this program…

The Pros:

• It’s Very Reasonably Priced – Maybe Too Reasonably: At $37, the program is a good bit cheaper than other online relationship programs …which often retail at $47. Some people might mistake this to mean it’s an inferior product …when in actual fact the exact opposite is the case. Having said that, I think the author is planning on increasing the price to $97 shortly.

• It’s Unique: You won’t find any of the techniques featured in THE LOVEMAP CODE program online or in any other relationship product. This is because the techniques employed here were designed by John Alex Clark himself based on his knowledge of relationship psychology and the field of Lovemaps.

• Easy To Implement: This is one of the biggest draw-ins of the program for me. It’s easy enough to implement as long as you follow its instructions.

• Comprehensive: The program is very comprehensive in that it covers all bases. Nothing is left out. I found this really helpful considering I felt absolutely broken and lost when my ex broke up with me. THE LOVEMAP CODE brought a sense of peace, purpose and drive to me that not only resulted in getting my ex back, but in making me feel better in the mean time while I was implementing the program.

• It Works! This of course is the most important element. I can’t say it will work for everyone. I can only say it worked for me. But having gone through the program, I can see why people are getting such good results from this program. The techniques, methods and psychology are in a class of its own for anyone trying to get their ex back after a breakup.

Over-all, I can’t recommend this program enough. The reality is that THE LOVEMAP CODE isn’t just a relationship program, it’s a real life-changing experience that forever will change your perspective on how you view love …allowing you to make “The One” fall in love with you. And nothing in life is more important than that… Read more…

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